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Just a bit of fun now: a moth identification quiz. Each image has been cropped; showing at least one distinguishing feature of course, but making identification that little bit harder. 

Some of them are easy, although others may be quite difficult; I’d be impressed if you got them all right first time!


Below are a set of 18 images featuring 18 different species of moth (including both macros and micros); all of which are fairly common across most of the UK. All but one of these has been found in the county to date. All species are about now, or will be in the upcoming weeks (summer species).

When looking at the photos remember:
  • All are UK species, all fairly common
  • All but one have been found in the county before at some point
  • They are all primarily summer species
  • Included are 15 macro and 3 micro species

How to Enter

The quiz is now closed for entry. See the answers here.

Just like anything on the blog, it's not restricted to 'in-county' moth-ers; anyone's welcome to enter.

Anyway, as I say, only a bit of light fun; certainly useful to polish up those ID skills anyway. Don't worry if you can't do some of them, some are quite tricky; just have a go at the ones you can!

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Pob lwc! Good luck!

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